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Your own Website and Hosting
Low-Cost Multi-Stream Income Possibilities


Having a website and hosting account is essential for any marketer who creates their own graphics, landing pages, sales letters, or promotes PLR/MRR products.  Some ideas on how to use it.

Get free PLR. Turn it into Lead Magnets to Build Your List.

Literally HUNDREDS of creative tools and RR-PLR-MRR products are included for free with MyVIPContacts, the best autoresponder deal on the planet. Unlimited. Costs less than Aweber and Getresponse, and your rate never increases as your list grows. $10.97 per month for the MyVIPContacts Pro upgrade. 

Commission Opportunity
  •  Earn $5 PER MONTH for each referral who does the MyVIPContacts Pro upgrade.  Autoresponders, especially those who offer UNLIMITED subscribers with NO COST INCREASE, tend to RETAIN SUBSCRIBERS forever!

  • Upload and promote PLR websites and salespages

  • Host a Payment Page for PLR with links to YOUR Payment alternatives (ie Zelle, ORU, Paypal).  

Landing Pages

Get free downloadable landing page templates to work with MyVIPContacts or any other autoresponder.  Store your customized pages on your hosting account.  
List Building Opportunity
  • Use These Amazing Pages to Build Your List in MyVIPContacts

TONS of Traffic

No Hoax. 800 Solos for 20.00 USD. Instant Cash Promo Codes Gold.  Pay with ORU Marketplace or I offer No Fee Alternatives to ORU.  

Commission Opportunity: 
  • Promote Instant Cash Promo Codes, and collect $20 for each referral who upgrades to Gold.  ICPC is designed to work with ORU Marketplace, but you could host a Payment Page with links to YOUR Payment alternatives (ie Zelle, ORU, Paypal), like I did.

Your Own Blog

While I do not recommend installing Wordpress on the low-capacity Lifetime ViralHosts account, they do offer competitive upgrades that have the horsepower to handle the install your own Wordpress blog.  The Wordpress software and hundreds of themes and plug-ins are included with ViralHosts.  

Free Traffic Opportunity.  
  • Post your Solo Ads to your blog, then index to the search engines with SEO Optimizer Pro to generate ORGANIC TRAFFIC to your landing pages.

You have just opened up a whole new dimension to your Marketing Toolkit.  It only costs $7.00 for ViralHosts Lifetime Hosting.  I'm here to help.


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